This is How it Works

The Clear Path Program®

Finally, an acne fighting program that puts you in complete control of problematic skin. Adult acne, hormonal acne, from mild, moderate, to severe acne – it can all clear easily. Learn how to make simple food swaps, some lifestyle habit changes, and begin using a customized acne clearing product line, soon clear skin is just around the corner.

No need for Dermatologists, topical prescriptions, antibiotics, laser treatments or Accutane®. Stop spending vast amounts of money on over the counter acne products that either does nothing – or makes acne worse.

Forget everything you think you know about acne. Let go of the assumptions, misconceptions, and myths you have been told by well-meaning medical professionals or what you have read on the internet. Discard the limited, and often inaccurate information, given to you by your dermatologist. If you want to learn how to clear acne, this is how you do it.

What You Will Receive

  • The Clear Path Program® will give you all the products you need to begin your journey towards clear skin for all stages and types of acne. Once you start your skin care routine you will see less inflammation, as the skin condition calms, and blemish formations will start to slow down.
  • If you follow the program 100% you can expect to have clear skin in as little as 6 weeks to 3 months. You are in control and decide how fast you would like to achieve acne free skin.
  • Receive step by step instructions on how to use your products to keep the skin responding to them and prevent plateauing. Find out which foods you are consuming that are actually feeding your acne. Including the ‘healthy foods,” that create breakouts.
  • Understand the truth about misleading marketing labels such as ‘dermatologist recommended,’ ‘non-comedogenic,’ ‘organic,’ ‘natural,’ and ‘acne safe,’ that claim to clear your acne fast.
  • Learn how to read ingredient decks on all personal care products and cosmetics to avoid pore-clogging ingredients that trigger acne.
  • Pinpoint acne triggering habits that can create constant breakouts.
  • Verify that your birth control method is truly helping your skin and not supporting acne despite what your Gynecologist may tell you.
  • Discover acne triggers lurking in your home.
  • Recognize acne patterns to determine the cause of a breakout and learn how to eliminate them quickly without harming the skin.
  • Join the Clear Club private Facebook forum (while it’s still free) for added support, guidance and information. Additionally, you will meet the friends you never knew you had.
  • Book a consult with a Certified Acne Specialist to help with troubleshooting, plateauing or extra guidance to help get you clear fast.
  • And much more information you will need to become an Acne Expert.

Who This Program is For

  • The acne sufferer who has tried everything from an assortment of over the counter products, topical prescriptions, antibiotics, laser treatments, and Accutane® and wants to get off the acne treatment roller coaster.
  • The individual who has been told that ‘food does not cause acne,’ and wants to learn the truth about which foods actually do feed and trigger acne and how to replace them.
  • This program is for the acne sufferer who wants to create a new life, filled with confidence and opportunity.


This customized acne program has been used exclusively by the ABQ Skin Care & Acne Clinic, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico for several years with outstanding results. A modified In-Clinic Program is now available for those Long-Distance Clients who would like to follow the program as well to achieve clear skin for life.

The goal for our clients, whether in the clinic or long distance, is to be an Acne Expert. With the Clear Path Program,® you can feel emboldened, increase self-esteem, and confidence with the power of clear skin.