Change Your Skin

          Change Your Life

Finally, an acne fighting program that puts you in complete control of problematic skin. Adult acne, hormonal acne, from mild, moderate, to severe acne – it can all clear easily. Learn how to make simple food swaps, some lifestyle habit changes, and begin using a customized acne clearing product line, soon clear skin is just around the corner.

No need for Dermatologists, topical prescriptions, antibiotics, laser treatments or Accutane®. Stop spending vast amounts of money on over the counter acne products that either do nothing – or makes acne worse.

Forget everything you think you know about acne. Let go of the assumptions, misconceptions, and myths you have been told by well-meaning medical professionals or what you have read on the internet. Discard the limited, and often inaccurate information, given to you by your dermatologist. If you want to learn how to clear acne, this is how you do it.


Skip the Dermatologist

  • With the Clear Path Program® you will learn that clearing acne is easy – if you know the steps!
  • Reveal the Root Cause – Make simple lifestyle changes – Support clear skin with a customized acne fighting program.
  • Discover which foods feed acne and how to replace them.
  • Learn what your dermatologist doesn’t know about acne.

Clear Hormonal Acne Fast

  • Most acne sufferers battle hormonal acne – which is excess oil in the pores.
  • Puberty, menstrual cycles, stress, pregnancy and menopause are typical triggers.
  • Hormones can be managed by controlling acne through diet and lifestyle choices.

Become Who You Are Meant to Be

  • Is acne holding you back from living your life fully?
  • Are you embarrassed with your skin and self-conscious as to how others may see you?
  • The Clear Path Program® will help you gain the life you have been waiting for.
  • Take control of acne now to reveal the New You!

Discover the Clear Path Products

  • Learn how to implement a strategic acne fighting skin care line that offers a step up program to kick your skin into clear!
  • We offer a specialized system that kills bacteria, prevents the buildup of dead skin cells while you keep your skin moisturized and free of irritation.
  • Clear Path offers a variety of acne safe skin care, body, and hair products to help transition you into clear skin.
  • Download the Clear Path Program® to learn step by step how to make changes in diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

Book a Consult with a Acne Specialist

  • If you need extra guidance and hand holding, schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Acne Specialists.
  • Get help with trouble shooting or plateauing with someone who understands your struggle. We were all once acne sufferers too!
  • Join Clear Club, an online community on Facebook . Meet the friends you never knew you had.