Terms and Conditions

I understand that this program requires diligence and commitment. While factors like genetics, stress, diet, lifestyle factors, environmental factors, and some medical conditions may contribute and make acne more severe.  The Clear Path Program makes no warranties, expressed or applied, regarding the effectiveness of any products or program due to the uniqueness of each person’s skin and situation.  Please understand we cannot go home with you and ensure that you are doing your part in the program, but if you do choose to participate 100% you are very likely to see great results.

If I am concerned about the use of Benzoyl Peroxide and exfoliating acid serums, I will perform a patch test on my inner wrist to first test for any sensitivities or allergic reactions. I assume sole risk and responsibility for the risk of using these products and understand misuse can cause injury.

While on this program, if I become pregnant I will consult with my doctor about any product use or any other advice given on this program. The Clear Path Products not safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding include: Clear Path Vitamin A Serum, Clear Path Salicylic Toner, and Clear Path Pigment Serum

This program and it’s product are not a cure for acne. They can help you achieve clear skin and maintain clear skin however, occasional pimples will still occur according to commitment to program guidelines

Dry skin, flaking, and tightness is a normal part of using acne clearing products, however dry climates can exacerbate this. I understand that drinking water and using proper moisture to avoid over drying is recommended.

Specific medications, including generics, can also trigger acne and can make some cases difficult to resolve. This includes specific birth control methods such as, low estrogen pills, IUD’s, implants,, inserts and injections. Cannabis, lithium, anticonvulsants, including hormone, and thyroid medications can be problematic.

I understand that hyperpigmentation may occur depending on skin tone and type.

Anyone under the age of 18 should be supervised by an adult guardian. The guardian assumes all responsibility, and sole risk for the minor’s use or misuse of our products and kits.