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Certified Acne Safe Hair Care & Styling Products

Finally, a first of its kind! The Clear Path Program offers a full line of 100% acne safe hair care and styling products. If you are experiencing any kind of clogged pores or breakouts on your hairline, forehead, temples, scalp, this can include; your neck, chest, shoulders and back. This is a definite sign you need to switch to acne safe hair care products!

All Clear Path Hair Care and Styling products are sulfate free and will not change strip color treated hair, even if used daily. In fact, we highly recommend if you would like to achieve !00% clear skin fast, make it a point to wash your hair every morning. This is a crucial step towards clear skin. By washing away the night oils every morning, you are allowing your skin to get a head start towards clearing fast. Once your skin is completely clear, then try skipping a morning to see if this works for you.