Does sugar cause breakouts?

Even though we don’t like to admit it, it does. Sugar has had a longtime bad rep in the skincare world. For decades people have looked to sugar for being one of the main acne triggers. The truth is, it is a major source of acne. Physicians, dermatologists, and skincare companies have been telling us to reduce sugar, spice, and everything that tastes nice. Here’s why:

The more carbohydrates and sugar that you consume, the more your blood sugar levels increase. This leads to the pancreas releasing more insulin (a hormone), which absorbs the excess sugar into cells and reduces blood sugar levels again. This increased amount of insulin in the body causes more oil production in the pores. More oil production means more breakouts. Now if you have a couple of cookies now and then, you’re ok, but it’s when you are consuming several cookies, or sodas, or candies on a regular basis that cause the real problem.

Another problem with too much sugar is inflammation. Consuming too much sugar causes inflammation in the body, thus leading to the depletion of important antioxidants. This depletion is the source of many gut problems, allergies, and of course, aggravates acne even further.

Additionally, people who are acne prone are more sensitive to androgens (male sex hormones). The reason is, androgens increase skin cell growth (if the cells have high levels of androgen receptors), they also increase oil production in the pores. Since we know that acne is a dead skin cell issue, especially when combined with excessive oil, it is important to avoid raising androgen levels through consuming too much sugar.

So when asking yourself if that third cookie really will make a difference in your skin, the answer is, YES. Sugar affects both hormones and inflammation in your body and can be the cause of many breakouts. Make sure to cut sodas, candy, and excess sweets out of your daily diet to ensure long lasting clear skin. Many products have hidden sugar as well, such as juices, fruit snacks, etc.

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