Home Care Acne Kit

The Clear Path Program now offers a gentle, safe, and effective at-home treatment you can do between professional skin care treatments to maintain acne-free skin. Each kit contains the products you need every step of the way.


Hydrating Cleansing Gel

A gentle hydrating cleanser to help remove makeup, oil, and bacteria. Leaves skin feeling calm and moisturized.

Micellar Toner

This elegant toner is a Parisian favorite. Micellar is known for its healing and moisturizing properties. Can also be used to remove eye makeup as well.

Gentle Enzyme Treatment

This action-packed enzyme helps to keep skin fresh by eliminating dead skin cells and killing bacteria. Promotes glowing fresh, glowing skin.

Cucumber Mask or *Recover Mud Mask (Your Choice!)

*Our Clear Path Cucumber Mask helps to hydrate stressed skin and offers a cooling effect for dry, irritated skin.

*Our Clear Path Recover Mud Mask helps to hydrate skin, reduce inflammation, and kill bacteria.

**Your kit will default to the Cucumber Mask. If you’d like to order Recover Mud Mask instead, contact us.

Nourishing Cream

A luxurious water-based moisturizer that seals in hydration, calms the skin and prevents breakouts.

*Offers 3 Gentle Acne Treatments per kit