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Acne: What Your Dermatologist Doesn’t Know


Acne: What Your Dermatologist Doesn’t Know
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Acne: What Your Dermatologist Doesn’t Know
by Kimberly Lovato LE, Acne Specialist

If you are tired of the acne roller coaster ride of moving from one topical prescription to another, taking antibiotics, or spending money on costly laser treatments and you are still breaking out – we understand your frustration. If you are considering taking harmful drugs such as Accutane, stop – now is the time to get off the merry go round of acne treatments. You do not need these types of outdated methods to get clear skin. Rather, what you need is the education and step by step instructions on how to remove the ‘root cause’ of your acne to finally enjoy completely clear skin.

Then how do you clear acne for life? Simply by removing the ‘root cause.’

When you remove the root cause of acne, your skin will begin to heal quickly. And the place to start on your acne free future is here. In this manual, you will learn step by step how to clear acne by understanding the underlying cause of it. You will…

-Learn why you have been told there is no connection between diet and acne.

-Identify specific foods that absolutely do create excess oil in the pores and inflammation in the body.

-Verify if you are using a birth control method that supports clear skin, rather than exacerbating acne, despite what your Gynecologist may be recommending.

-Discover daily habits you may have that are triggering acne and what you can do about it.

-Follow the Clear Path Kick Start Guide to find out what changes to focus on immediately to hit the ground running towards clear skin.

-Get your step by step guide on how to use the Clear Path Skin Care products to finally achieve acne free skin.

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